may, 2015

23mayAll DayNamaste Stockholm - India DayAn entire day of Indian festivities at Kungsträdgården(All Day: saturday) Kungsträdgården

Event Details


We invite all the different Yoga centers and Yoga studios ,their teachers and students, in fact all Stockholmers, children & adults to come and participate in the grand Yoga Event. It is amazing how Yoga has become mainstream in Sweden. We will this day highlight and inform Stockholmers / Swedes of Yoga’s ancient roots and its Indian heritage and that is why we have chosen to do the Event at the most beautiful location of Stockholm – Kungsträdgården. The idea is to spread the yoga mats around the pool of water and make the magic of Yoga come alive! We also hope to provide yoga classes for beginners , for children and the elderly. New and modern expressions of yoga will also be shown.

Indian Cuisine  

In addition to Yoga we will show the wonderful diversity of Indian cuisine. Stockholm has approximately 130 Indian restaurants, but most of them have the same fare of cuisine. It would be wonderful to showcase food of the different regions of India like Bengali, Tamilian, Malayalee, Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Gujarati & other regions. This can be a real WOW experience for Stockholmers. Here we would like to invite all the Indian associations in Sweden/Stockholm to come and showcase their regional cuisine. We will have 10 market stands, that will be given for free to associations. Indian Restaurants and commercial food caterers will also be welcome.

Travel & tourism, Artcrafts 

In addition we also invite Travel and Tourism operators to set up stall and sell their India destination packages. Design and Crafts to promote Indian designs and craftmanship. This day will take you on a journey to India through its food, dance, music, films and literature, its people and beautiful locations. It aims to shed light on the misgivings that surround India, creating more understanding and knowledge for Swedish people to travel to India. We also want to generate greater interest in Sweden/ Nordic regions, as a great new travel destination for Indians. How can more Indians be attracted to Sweden? Can Bollywood open windows?


We are also going to present our Dance & Culture. Some of the local dance associations will be given the opportunity to come and perform during that day. The Swedish National Dance Academy and Circus School will also be performing. 

INDIAN DANCE – Classical,Folk and Bollywood.
India offers a number of classical Indian  dance forms, each of which can be traced to different parts of the country. During Namaste Stockholm we will have many dancers performing  various Indian classical and folk dances. The popularity of Indian film industry namely “Bollywood” has not only made Bollywood dance an integral part of the Indian dance forms but also made it immensely popular to global audience. So we bring to you a very interesting mix of all three forms of dances on the 23rd of May running through the day.


A fashion show will be held during this day where young fashion designers from India and Sweden will present their creations. A fusion of two worlds will be shown in the most compelling and amusing way with help of colors, tissues and most importantly the imaginations and inspirations of these young designers.

Musical performance

Meditation and explosion. Improvisation and tradition. Rhythm variations, sounds, speed – a rich interaction with the music of Indian West Bengal. Rousing accordion tones and clattering drum fingers. Flute, rhythm & guitar. Folk, classical and fusion. Compositions and graceful movements originating from centuries-old musical and dance tradition. An exclusive music and dance performance and a meeting between Indian and Western traditions.


India is the only country in the world which offers the unique combination of democracy, demography and demand. There has never been a better time to Make in India and Grow with India. One of the key projects identified by the new Indian government is to Clean Up India. The Prime Minister has initiated the Swaccha India ie Clean India Campaign. In this connection we would like to partner with Hand in Hand and Håll Sverige Rent to showcase the work being done in India to clean up India. It would be fantastic with a demonstration of this on the 23rd of May where we will also invite some of the top politicians and celebrities along with our partners to make a statement on cleanliness and sustainability for a healthier planet.


All Day (Saturday)





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