ADAM ROBERTS (EUROPEAN BUSINESS AND FINANCE CORRESPONDENT AT THE ECONOMIST) Prior to this he was South Asia correspondent for The Economist, based in Delhi, where he oversaw political and general coverage from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, among other countries. Adam joined The Economist as a writer in the Foreign Department in June 1998, with a particular focus on developing countries and transnational issues. From May 2001 to the end of 2005 he was the Southern Africa correspondent, based in Johannesburg. Subsequently he was the News Editor of, in London, until 2010. He has been in India since 2010. He has written special reports on the Nordic countries (2003) and on International Migration (2008). He has written a book about a mercenary coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea, “The Wonga Coup” (2006), published in Britain, the United States and South Africa.

Adam Roberts will moderate the Reimagining India 2030 seminar.

AKASH PASSEY (SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT – BUSINESS REGION INTERNATIONAL, VOLVO BUS CORPORATION, SWEDEN) is presently the Sr. Vice President – Volvo Bus Corporation and a member of the Volvo Bus Executive Committee. He is responsible for Business Region International which includes India, China, Middle East/Africa, Asia Pacific and CIS countries. He is the Chairman of Volvo Buses India and Vice-Chairman of Sunwin Buses China. In his prior role, Akash was the Managing Director & CEO of Volvo buses in South Asia, which included all markets in the SAARC region. He had the privilege in 2001 to start and establish Volvo Bus as a ticket brand in India. Other roles included being on the Boards of SIAM and CII Karnataka. He was also founder member of ASDC (Automotive Skill Development Council of India). Akash has over 20 years of experience in the Truck and Bus Industry.

Akash will participate in the Indo-Sweden Business Ties: New Partnership Opportunities Seminar.

ALKESH KUMAR SHARMA (CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER & MANAGING DIRECTOR OF THE DELHI MUMBAI INDUSTRIAL CORRIDOR DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED). The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is being developed as a global manufacturing and investment destination supported by the world-class infrastructure and enabling policy framework. It is aimed at the development of futuristic, smart industrial cities in India which will converge and integrate technology across sectors. The project includes development of infrastructure linkages like dedicated power plants, assured water supply, high capacity transportation and logistics facilities as well as locally skilled manpower. The DMIC cities will address not the challenges of urbanization but with manufacturing as the main economic base, will also contribute significantly to the overall economic growth of India. Besides DMIC Corridor, Mr. Sharma is also implementing works in other four Industrial Corridor Projects namely, Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (CBIC), Bengaluru Mumbai Economic Corridor (BMEC), Amritsar Kolkata Industrial Corridor (AKIC) & Vizag Chennai Industrial Corridor (VCIC).

Alkesh will participate in the Smart Manufacturing Seminar.

ANDERS HEDERSTIERNA (REKTOR, BTH) is the Rector (Vice Chancellor) of the Blekinge Institute of Technology which has signed many MoUs with Indian Universities. The Rector is a Member of the Advisory Council, County Board Blekinge, a Member of the Board of NetPort of Karlshamn And Member and Vice Chairman of the Board of Telecom City, Karlskrona. He is also a member Member of the reference group for the University Chancellor Heritage Committee which examines how effectively operations are conducted at universities.

Anders will participate in the Skill India seminar.


ANISHA SINGH (FOUNDER AND CEO OF MYDALA.COM) learned the hard way – she founded mydala in 2009 as a daily-deals platform letting offline merchants sell online, but struggled when well-funded rivals launched against her. “We were slated to die,” she explained. “The only thing that saved us was understanding the user.” In India, that meant turning to ABC- astrology, Bollywood and cricket – to offer content, deals and tie-ins to tap obsessions.

Anisha will participate in the Indian ConsumerDigital India and the Gender & Diversity seminars as well as in the Digital India & Innovation roundtable.


ANNA LIBERG (Trade Commissioner to India as well as head of Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade & Invest Council, in India) has been based in India since 2012 when she joined Business Sweden. Ahead of 2012 Anna spent nine years with ABB in positions within R&D, Product development, Global business development and Sales management and has been based out of Sweden, China and Germany. In her most recent assignment she was Sales manager Europe for ABB Robotics Paint Systems. Anna holds a Master of Engineering and a Master in Business from University of Uppsala, Sweden. She carried out her Engineering Master thesis at Lausanne Federal Polytechnic, Switzerland.

Anna will participate in the Smart Manufacturing, Skill India, Smart Cities and Indo-Sweden Business Ties: New Partnership Opportunities seminars.


ANNA MALMQVIST (SENIOR CONSULTANT AT HUMAGIC GROUP), has 15 years experience from international sales management and business development positions from aerospace, telecom and tech industries and 5 years experience as self employed and management consultant working with team and leadership development, recruitment and talent development & coaching within media, telecom, IT, airline, logistics and FMCG industries. Anna´s current position is as senior consultant at Humagic Group working with leadership and team development. A focus area includes helping clients build insight and competence within the field of diversity and inclusion with the purpose of linking that to engagement, innovation and profitability. Anna has lived and worked in Sweden, New Zealand, Japan and the U.S.A.

Anna will moderate the Gender & Diversity  seminar.


ANU MADGAVKAR (PARTNER AT MCKINSEY) is a partner with the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), McKinsey’s business and economics research arm. Anu joined MGI in 2011 and leads teams based in India, working on global as well as India-focused research. Anu’s recent research has focused on labor markets, gender economics, economic development and poverty alleviation, and applying technology to solving development challenges. She has co-authored several MGI reports including, The power of parity: How advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth; The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in India; The world at work: Jobs, pay and skills for 3.5 billion people India’s path from poverty to empowerment India’s tech opportunity: transforming work, empowering people, and India’s economic geography: states, cities and clusters.

Anu will participate in the Reimagining India 2030, Digital India and Gender & Diversity seminars as well as in the Digital India & Innovation roundtable.

ATHMANATHA SHARMA is currently the country Chief Financial Officer for the Swedish operations of ABB Group, a leading global technology company in power and automation that enables utility, industry, and transport & infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. ABB has a strong focus on innovations necessary for a sustainable future where digitalization are changing and shaping our industrial infrastructure. Before moving to Sweden in October, 2014, he was a global business controller, functioning from Zurich, Switzerland, for ABB’s Medium-Voltage Products business unit which has operations in over 40 countries. He also held various senior positions in Switzerland and India during his 28 years of work experience. He is a chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Being a strong believer of people and process oriented approach, he has conducted various training programs on total quality management, controller excellence and other change management topics.

Athmantha will participate in the Smart Manufacturing seminar.


joined the Indian diplomatic service in 1981. She obtained a postgraduate degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics. She taught public finance and microeconomics to graduate and postgraduate students in Delhi University in her alma mater Miranda House for four years before moving to diplomacy.

Banasri will inaugurate the Reimagining India 2030 seminar.

 Dr. Bengt Gudmundsson Head of Technology, Siemens Power and Gas Distributed Generation IMG_4567 - BG

DR. BENGT GUDMUNDSSON (Head of Technology, Siemens Power and Gas Distributed Generation)
has a Master of Science in Physics from Linköping Institute of Technology in 1983 and a PhD degree in 1988 in the field of protective coatings for gas turbine blades. He has also completed a post doctoral and research on high temperature superconductors at State University of New York and Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1988-1989. He joined Siemens 1989 and has since been working in several positions related to gas turbine product development, manufacturing development and business development. Dr. Gudmundsson is currently globally responsible for technology development within Siemens Power and Gas Distributed Generation

Bengt will participate in the Energy Collaboration – Smart Grid Pilot Project seminar.

 pic  BHARADWAJ AMRUTUR (Professor in Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore with the department of Electrical Communication Engineering) His research and teaching interests are in Low power, embedded sensing, communication and computing systems. He is currently chairing the Robert Bosch Center for Cyber Physical Systems, where he is involved with research into technologies for smart cities.  More information is available at Prior to joining IISc,  he worked in San Jose, CA in a number of technology companies. He is an alumnus of IIT Bombay and Stanford University.

Bharadwaj will participate in the Smart Cities seminar.

 Bo Normark  BO NORMARK (member of the Electro Technical Division of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)) serves as Chairmen for the project Crossroads Electricity with the goal to present a roadmap for the Swedish electricity system beyond 2030. Previously Mr. Normark has about 35 years’ industrial experience in ABB where he served in many managerial roles with global responsibility. Focus was on power transmission equipment including advanced smart transmission grid technologies such as High Voltage DC (HVDC), Flexible AC Transmission (FACTS) and High Voltage Cables. He has also recently served as Vice Chairman of the National Council for Smart Grids established by the Minister of Enterprise, Energy and Communication

Bo will participate in the Energy Collaboration – Smart Grid Pilot Projects seminar.


 PROF. CARL-GUSTAF JANSSON (professor of Artificial Intelligence at KTH Royal Institute of Technology) is currently the Director for the Master School of EIT ICT Labs. Prof. Jansson is also Director of the KTH ICT Research Platform, Vice Dean of the KTH ICT School and Chairman for the KTH Recruitment Committee for Computer Science and Information Technology. Prof. Jansson has been instrumental in the development of two of KTH´s 5 year M.Sc. programs: Computer Science (1985) and Information Technology (1999). He has supervised more than 30 PhD students in Artificial Intelligence/Applied Logic and HCI and served as chairman of Graduate Studies in ICT for more than 10 years. During the 1990ies he served on the management boards of two National Swedish Graduate Schools.

Carl-Gustaf will participate in the Smart Cities Seminar.


CECILIA STRÖMBLAD BRÄNNSTEN (Sustainability Business Expert, H&M) is an expert on closed loop, circular economy, sustainable materials and product integrity. She is also global project manager for the Garment Collecting initiative.

Cecilia will participate in the Sustainable Textiles seminar.


CHRISTIAN LEVIN (EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, HEAD OF SALES AND MARKETING, SCANIA) joined Scania in 1994 after obtaining a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and an MBA in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm University. Since 1996, he has held a number of management positions in Scania’s market organisation including Managing Director of Scania’s operations in Switzerland and Italy. In 2010, he was appointed Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations with responsibility for operational activities at Scania’s global sales and service companies.

Christian will participate in the Reimagining India 2030 seminar.

 Edward_Jobson_Environment_director_Volvo Bus Corporation_2011_49[1]

PROF. EDWARD JOBSON studied catalytic processes at Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH Zürich) in Switzerland and graduated PhD in 1989. In 1998 he became adjunct professor at Chalmers Institute of Technology.
The research assignments at Volvo started in 1989 and have led to several inventions out of which 20 patents have been registered. He has been awarded “Henry Ford Award for technical excellence” in 2002 and the Volvo Technology Award in 2016. Recently he has was nominated the top level specialist on electro mobility for the Volvo Group and he has been the “architect” of several new person transport systems in a number of large cities.

Edward will participate in the Energy Collaboration – Smart grid pilot projects seminar.


FREDRIK KEMPE (Co-founder of Airinum), a Swedish startup tackling air pollution on a global scale by creating breathing masks of the highest quality. Designed in Sweden for an urban and healthy lifestyle.

Fredrik will be one of the judges during the Hackathon.


FREDRIK WIJKANDER (DIRECTOR OF INVESTMENT OPERATIONS AT SWEDFUND INTERNATIONAL) joined Swedfund in 2008. Mr Wijkander has 25 years of experience in working with emerging markets both in Africa and Asia. He has previously been working at Ericsson and Emerson Network Power both in Sweden and abroad. His last position before joining Swedfund was as Managing Director Energy Systems France. Mr Wijkander acts and has acted as board member of several portfolio companies within Swedfund, such as Polygenta Technologies Limited, SIA Troll, Cimbenin S.A., VietStar Environmental Joint Stock Company and VBL AB.

Fredrik will participate in the Smart Cities seminars.

FREDRIK JOHANSSON (Business developer at FOV Biogas and Chairman of the board at FOV Fabrics AB)

Fredrik will participate in the Energy Collaboration – Smart Grid Pilot Projects seminar.


 GAVIN WESTWOOD (Senior Vice President, HCL Technologies) has over 30 years of IT Industry experience across a variety of industries. He is currently based in Helsinki and has had other international assignments for example in the Middle East, Moscow, Singapore, Poland, Iberia, India and across the Mediterranean Region.Before joining HCL, he served as Vice President – Head of Infrastructure Services at Nokia, Gavin was responsible for the company’s global enterprise infrastructure including Data Centers, Networks, End User Computing, Operational Tools and Processes and Factory IT. Post the acquisition by Microsoft, Gavin was part of the leadership team driving the infrastructure integration.

Gavin will participate in the Indo-Sweden Business Ties: New Relationships seminar in Gothenburg.


IVANA KILDSGAARD (Sustainability Manager at LINK arkitektur, Sweden) is an architect and engineer with a strong passion for sustainable design. Her broad international and national experience includes research and development projects related to sustainable city development and sustainable buildings. This gives her insight in state of the art and documented sustainable solutions and technologies, which she can use in her daily projects at LINK. Ivana has been member of the scientific committee for several Nordic Passive House Conferences. Lately, among other things, she has been involved in the development of the Swedish certification system for sustainable city development, Citylab, as well as in initiating a new network for circular sustainable interiors, called 100GRUPPEN.

Ivana will be one of the judges during the Hackathon.

Picture of Johan

JOHAN LÖFMARK (ADVISOR IN DIGITAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION FOR NORDIC ENTERPRISES) is accelerating the journey by leveraging new digital and disruptive technologies to change business. Johan is advisor in Digital Business Transformation for Nordic Enterprises at Tata Consultancy Services. This includes supporting the change in how companies interact with their customers and ecosystem across channels to uplift customer experiences, as well as ensuring operational efficiency and continuous development of new business, revenue and service models. In a world with fast moving technology development and advanced customer behaviors innovation is at the core of the digital change – identifying new ways of delivering business value by leveraging new digital and disruptive technologies. Johan has as well an extensive background from India as a student at Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) and Philips Research & Development in Bangalore.

Johan Löfmark will participate in the Digital India seminar as well as in the Digital India & Innovation roundtable.

 profilbild Jonas Tjäder

JONAS TJÄDER is heading the research at STRIs Smart Grid Demonstrator, Sweden’s primary laboratory for R&D within the field of smart grids/microgrids with a focus on Demand-Response, Energy Optimization and Clean Energy technologies. In this capacity Jonas is the project manager for the E4T Microgrid Concept, with the objective of bringing renewable energy based microgrids to reduce diesel dependency on the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Jonas will participate in the Energy Collaboration – Smart Grid Pilot Projects seminar.

Lars Winter

LARS WINTER (CEO OF ADITYA BIRLA DOMSJÖ FABRIKER) is Technical Licentiate from the Royal Institute in Stockholm (KTH) who has been active in different management positions at several of the large Forest Industries in Sweden such as SCA Graphic Papers, M-real (current Metsä Board), Arctic Paper, Holmen Paper and since 2012 CEO of Domsjö Fabriker AB. Lars has been engaged in several different product and process developments for graphical papers and pulps. In Domsjö Fabriker this engagement is expanded to the further development of the multitude of products that are manufactured by the Biorefinery.

Lars Winter will participate in the Sustainable Textiles seminar.


LISA TULLUS (CO-FOUNDER/PROJECT MANAGER SWEDEN-INDIA SMART CITIES PLATFORM) is working at Business Sweden based in New Delhi, India since 2014. During her time as Business Sweden she has developed and managed Sweden-India Smart Cities Platform where Swedish companies and authorities work strategically to position, promote and project smart solutions for the Indian market. Lisa has extensive experience from studying and working abroad in Norway, UK, USA and South Korea. She holds a Master’s degree in Management and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics.

Lisa will participate in the Smart Cities and Indo-Sweden Business Ties: New Partnership Opportunitiesseminars.

MALIN MENDEL WESTERBERG (JOURNALIST, FILMER AND WRITER) is is the correspondent in India for Sweden National TV, SVT since 2005. Her main focus during her career has been to highlight the situation for women, but her reporting covers everything from finance and politics to sport and cultural news. Malins hobby is to cook different kinds of Indian food and she has released the book “Bombay Takeaway”, with the biggest publishing house in Sweden. In the book she explores the Indian society through food. Malin Mendel Westberg is 42 years old, has a husband and two children. She divides her time between Stockholm and Mumbai.

Malin will participate in Gender & Diversity and Travel India & Sweden seminars as well as the Media & India roundtable.

Mats Agervi

MATS AGERVI (CEO OF COMBIENT AB) has a MSc. from Industrial Engineering at LiTH and has over 25 years of experience from the ICT industry with leading positions in Digital, Compaq, IBM and Ericsson. Combient is a joint Venture between Atlas Copco AB, Electrolux AB, Ericsson AB, FAM AB, Investor AB, LKAB, Saab AB, SEB AB, Sigma AB, SKF AB and Stora. Combient was founded 2015 with an aspirational vision to “Bring Digitalized Industrial Innovation to the industry”.

Mats will participate in the Digital India seminar as well the Digital India & Innovation Roundtable.


MATS LUNDQUIST (CEO AT TELENOR CONNEXION) has worked in the IT and telecom industry for more than 15 years. Prior to taking on the position as CEO at Telenor Connexion in September 2015, he served as Head of Telenor Sweden’s Broadband & TV division. Mats joined Telenor in 2007. Prior to this he held positions as CEO at TDC Song, Song Networks and Vattenfall’s telecom business. He started his career at McKinsey working as a strategy consultant for 8 years. Mats holds a Master of Science from Stockholm School of Economics.

Mats will participate in the Digital India seminar.


MIKAEL DAMBERG (SWEDISH MINISTER OF ENTERPRISE AND INNOVATION) want to make the corporate climate in Sweden so good that people want to start new enterprises, that existing enterprises grow, employ more and export its products and services. That way more jobs are created in Sweden.

Mikael Damberg will participate in the Reimagining India 2030 seminar.

MONICA HEDBERG is a serial entrepreneur that has created and managed several companies. In 2007 she was awarded as “women entrepreneur of the year”, in Uppsala county. Since that Monica has started an investment company and is currently investing in several types of startups in Sweden and USA. She works as a board member professional and has much experience of working with small, medium-sized and big companies..

Monica will be one of the judges during the Hackathon.

M.G.GOPAL (Special Chief Secretary, Urban Development, Government of Telangana) is a senior civil servant from India with over 32 years of varied administrative experience at field and policy levels. Currently he is the Special Chief Secretary in State Government of newly formed Telangana State posted at Hyderabad responsible for Municipal Administration and Urban Development in the State. During his postings as Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board he was responsible for conceiving, designing, and Commissioning, inter-alia, a massive drinking water supply scheme to Hyderabad city which involved 3 stages pumping to a distance of 130 Kilometers. As Commissioner, Environment Protection Training and Research Institute, Hyderabad, Mr. Gopal turned around this Consultancy and Training organization and made it stand on its own feet, technically, commercially and financially. Mr.Gopal has Masters degree in Commerce from Osmania University, Post Graduation Diploma in Public Enterprises Management from Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad and Diploma in Equipment Procurement management from I.L.O, Turin, Italy.

M.G. Gopal will participate in the Smart Cities seminar.

 Narayanan Thiruvengatathan

NARAYANAN THIRUVENGADATHAN (REGION DIRECTOR AND MANUFACTURING & LOGISTICS VERTICAL LEADER AT LARSEN & TOUBRO INFOTECH, NORDIC REGION) has over 14 years of experience in ICT and Engineering services across the US, Europe and the APAC geographies. He holds a Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. He has held several positions within product development, infotainment & telematics systems, software development, program management in the automotive industry and has worked for several automotive OEMs. Narayanan has been based out of Stockholm since 2011.

Narayanan will participate in the Smart Manufacturing Seminar.

NEERAJ MENON (PARTNER, ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE OF TRILEGAL) with over 12 years of experience in the energy, infrastructure and resources practice. Neeraj has regularly spoken on the various Energy sector association platform. He is a regular speaker at Inter Solar, Mumbai for last three years (2015, 2014 & 2013). Recently he was a guest speaker at the Renewable Energy Project Finance Summit, London & 17TH Renewable Energy Finance Forum, Europe. Neeraj advises on investment, development, regulatory and financing aspects of energy and infrastructure projects. He is well regarded in the renewable energy industry having advised various stakeholders on developing renewable energy projects. He is a member of the CII National Committee on Renewable Energy and regularly volunteers his legal expertise in matters of public policy and regulatory issues in the energy and infrastructure sectors. He has co-authored the India Chapter in the first, second, third and fourth editions of the “Energy Regulation and Markets Review”, published by Law Business Research in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively. He also co-authored the India Chapter in the 2015 Edition of “Getting the Deal Through: Electricity Regulation”, published by Law Business Research in 2015.

Neeraj will participate in the Smart Manufacturing and the Energy collaboration – smart grid pilot projects Seminar.

NICLAS IHRÉN (CEO of Matters Group) is a globalist and is recognized as one of Sweden’s most influential sustainability advisers. He has 20 years experience as a strategy consultant and from senior management roles across industries. He has strong focus on strategy, innovation, business development and communication. He has an entrepreneurial background as former CEO and founder of India Business Forum and Globe Forum, former CEO of Infinity Learning. He has worked with strategic development and innovation for e g the Absolut Company, TeliaSonera, BabyBjörn, Volvo Cars, Electrolux, SKF, Folksam, Polarbröd, GinaTricot. He is the co-author of several books and works/has worked actively with several thinktanks like the Tällberg Foundation, World Ecological Forum, Global Utmaning. He has a MSc from the Royal Institute of Technology, and a Lic Eng in Sustainable Energy also from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Niclas will moderate the Skill India and Digital India seminar.

 Nicolas Strumane, Director Operational Excellence, Global Manufacturing IMG_2646b  NICOLAS STRUMANE (Director Operational Excellence, Global Manufacturing) is a Master in Engineering with broad managerial experience in the areas of manufacturing, product development and purchasing in the automotive industry. During his career, he has acquired a lot of experience in cost rationalisation projects, continuous improvement and implementation of Lean Manufacturing principles together with Operational Development (OD). He is currently Director Operational Excellence within Volvo Bus and this includes VPS (Volvo Production System). Nicolas has a very strong cross cultural background due to extensive years of living and working abroad (Sweden, Belgium, Poland, China, Congo and Germany).

NIKLAS JUNGEGÅRD (CO-FOUNDER / CEO of GAME-BASED RECRUITMENT COMPANY SQORE). In five years time, he grew Sqore to 50 employees, and built a global network of 550 000 members from 190 countries and more than 3000 partner universities and 350 clients worldwide. Sqore recently attracted $3.5 MUSD in venture capital and aims to provide equal access to opportunities to young talented people worldwide, through organising massive, online, skills based competitions. He has a background working in recruitment with Universum Group. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics. Niklas is a vivid speaker who promotes new technologies to bridge the skills gap plaguing the education and employment market today. As people learn in different ways there is a need of a new way to validate skills and connect people with opportunity..

Niklas will participate in the Skill India seminar.


PATRIK ANTONI (CORPORATE COMMUNICATIOIN AND SUSTAINABILITY MANAGER AT IKEA) has ten years of experience from Russia, Portugal and now India. Experience from being expansion manager, marketing manager and store manager. Before joining IKEA Patrik was country manager for a swedish sales organization in Sweden, Indonesia, Thailand and Russia and Poland.

Patrik will participate in the Skill India, Gender & Diversity and Indian Consumer seminars.

Peje Emilsson

PEJE EMILSSON is a serial entrepreneur. He is founder, chairman and majority owner of Kreab, an global advisory firm in financial, corporate and public affairs communications and issues management with a staff of 400 in 25 offices providing strategic advice to over 500 clients; Kunskapsskolan Education, a chain of independent schools which has developed a unique pedagogical model being used in around 50 schools with some 1,500 teachers and 15,000 students in Sweden, Great Britain, USA, India and Saudi Arabia; and Silver Life, offering innovative and high-quality housing, care and services to senior citizens. He is member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, and was chairman of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce 2010-2014. Recipient of the King of Sweden’s Medal of the Twelfth Dimension in Blue Ribbon for achievements as business leader and entrepreneur..

Peje will participate in the Skill India seminar.


PRAMOD SINGH (‘COTTON LEADER’ IN IKEA) is responsible for creating strategy for cotton from more sustainable sources, as well as, execute it. Pramod responsibility includes creating supply of sustainable cotton, as well as, use of sustainable cotton in all IKEA products. IKEA’s aim is to maintain 100% of cotton from more sustainable sources.

Pramod will participate in the Sustainable Textiles  seminar.


RAJEEV SAMANT (FOUNDER AND CEO OF SULA VINEYARDS) graduated with a BA in Economics and a Master’s in Engineering Management from Stanford University, Rajeev worked briefly at Oracle Corp in Silicon Valley. In 1993 Rajeev decided he’d had enough of the corporate world and quit his job. After backpacking around the world for a year, Rajeev returned to India where he decided to live the rural life. He started farming mangoes at his family’s 20-acre plot in Nashik, close by Mumbai, and then tried his hand, mostly unsuccessfully, at various crops like roses, teakwood and table grapes. In 1996 Rajeev had an epiphany when he realized that Nashik had the perfect climate for grapes but no one was making wine. He decided that this would be his calling and in 1999 he established Sula Vineyards, Nashik’s first winery, with help from noted Californian winemaker Kerry Damskey. It was a historic move and today Nashik is considered India’s “wine capital”. Sula Vineyards is today globally renowned as India’s premier quality wine producer, and Rajeev and Sula have been pioneers ever since, introducing for the first time varietals such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel and Riesling, and techniques such as refrigerated winemaking which brought fruit-friendly wines to India.

Rajeev will participate in the Indian Consumer seminar.

Dr. Rajiv Modi

DR. RAJIV I MODI (CHAIRMAN, CII NATIONAL PHARMA COMMITTEE AND CHAIRMAN & MANAGING DIRECTOR OF CADILA PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.) joined the Board of Directors at Cadila Laboratories in 1991. In 1995, he restructured the Company and rechristened it Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited (CADILA PHARMACEUTICALS). Dr Modi actively participates in the proactive development of the state of Gujarat, through the ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ summits. Dr Modi has been the Chairman of CII Gujarat State Council and presently chairs the CII National Committee on Pharma for the year 2014-15. Dr Modi is a member of The New York Academy of Sciences, USA; Genetic Society of America; American Society for Microbiology; Industrial Biotechnology Task Force, New Delhi; Technical Panel on Biotechnology, Gujarat; Indian Chemical Engineer, India and TIFAC. He has also been elected as Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi – an elite academy with prominent industry leaders, academicians and scientists amongst its Fellows.

Rajiv will participate in the Skill India, Reimagining India 2030 seminars and Life Science and Innovation Roundtable.


RAJIV GOVIL (GLOBAL HEAD – HR TRANSITION & HR HEAD – EUROPE, HCL), has over 25 years of industry experience in large transformational deals, planning and operations in HR with progressively higher accountability including international responsibilities. He has been with HCL for last 20 years and has worked on cross cultural assignments including outsourcing, start-up ventures with global responsibility & setting up of global delivery centers. For last 18 years he is based in London and responsible for the HR Operations across 22 plus European Countries and Global People transition outsourcing and M&A deals. Rajiv holds Chartered MCIPD – UK, PGD in PMIR, XLRI, India and Bachelor of Engineering degree from Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi University, India.

Rajiv will participate in the  Gender & Diversity  seminar.

 pic  REJI KUMAR PILLAI is the President of India Smart Grid Forum ( and an internationally renowned expert with over three decades of experience in the electricity sector in diverse functions covering the entire value chain and across continents. He is spearheading a mission to leverage technology to transform the electric grid in India and light every home at affordable cost through sustainable developmental models. Reji played the pivotal role in formulation of the Smart Grid Vision & Roadmap for India (August 2013) and the launch of a National Smart Grid Mission (March 2015) by Government of India, issue of Model Smart Grid Regulations (June 2015) by Forum of Regulators; and issue of Standards for Smart Meters (IS 16444-2015 in August 2015) by Bureau of Indian Standards.Reji has studied Engineering, Finance, Management and Law; worked with NTPC and IBM and been a senior consultant with ADB, World Bank and USAID. A recognized thought leader in smart grid technologies, Reji is a popular key-note speaker at international symposiums and conferences on smart grids and smart cities. He has also contributed to several articles and books.

Reji will participate in the Energy Collaboration – Smart Grid Pilot Projects seminar.

 Robert af Wetterstedt

ROBERT AF WETTERSTEDT (SENIOR CONSULTANT ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY) has 25 years of experience of civil engineering and is one of Sweden’s leading consultants in sustainable construction and management of buildings and townships. Robert is working with sustainable design for sustainable social development in order to achieve solutions that are economically, ecologically, social and process sustainable. Robert is one of the initiators of Sweden’s new certification systems Citylab Action, Network and Learning for sustainable city districts, where he also is part of the committee that develops the concept. Robert is also engaged in 100GRUPPEN which is a new initiative for sustainable interiors.

Robert will be one of the judges during the Hackathon.

ROBIN SUKHIA (SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE SWEDISH INDIA BUSINESS COUNCIL) has worked with India since 1996. He has made investments from a Swedish Venture Capital firm and held board assignments in India and Sweden. In 2005, he became the Secretary General of SIBC, During this period he has also been the Global Business Development Manager at Vesper Group, a Risk Mitigation firm specialising in High Risk countries, for 2 years. He presently also advises Indian solar Micro-grid company OMC Power.

Robin will will participate in the Defence & Security roundtable.


SALKA HALLSTRÖM BORNOLD (DEPUTY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, FORM MAGAZINE) was previously editor of Expressen’s culture department and worked at Bon, Plaza Magazine and Sydsvenskan. She was one of the curators behind the Modern Museum’s exhibition “Fashination” and wrote the great monograph clothing brand Mah-Jong. Salka Hallström Bornold is one of the nation’s leading fashion writers. In 2008, she received “Årets Journalist” by Sveriges Tidskrifter.

Salka will moderate the Sustainable Textiles  seminar.

SHIRISH SAHAY (HEAD OF DIGITAL & IOT SERVICES, EUROPE AT HCL GREAT BRITAIN LIMITED), with over 23 years of experience in IT as Senior Executive, Shirish Sahay has proven successful track in leadership roles. He has groomed himself to be a cross functional and cross Industry Executive. In the last decade he has been associated with some key Transformation programmes with extensive expertise. He has established various practices and competencies to service some of the specific consulting initiatives. Currently involved in creating an Industry vertical for HCL in Europe, he demonstrates unique ability to energize teams to deliver business results. He has been working with marque clients and built relationships which have resulted in significant growth. With fast changing business needs and focus on moving to Digital he is able to capitalize on his cross functional expertise to build and strategize for Next wave transformations.

Shirish will participate in the Digital India seminar.


SIDDHARTH DHANVANT SHANGHVI (AUTHOR) who’s debut novel, The Last Song of Dusk, won the Betty Trask Award (UK), the Premio Grinzane Cavour (Italy), and was nominated for the IMPAC Prize (Ireland). Translated into 16 languages, The Last Song of Dusk was an international bestseller. Shanghvi’s new novel, The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay, short-listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize 2008, was a number one bestseller. An exhibition of his photographic series, The House Next Door, opened in 2010 at Sweden’s Galleri Kontrast and showed at the Matthieu Foss Gallery, Bombay and Vadehra Art Gallery, Delhi. Shanghvi has been voted: India Today’s 50 Most Powerful Young Indians; Times of India’s 10 Global Indians; Hindustan Times: 10 Most Creative Men; Sunday Times UK: The Next Big Thing; New Statesmen UK: India’s Ten Bright Lights; Elle Magazine’s 50 Most Stylish People; La Stampa, Italy: World’s 10 Best Dressed Men, Men’s Health Style Icon 2011. In 2014 he founded and directed Sensorium, an arts festival in Goa, whose guests have included William Dalrymple, Dayanita Singh, Jeet Thayil, and others, Sensorium was hosted by Sunaparanta: Goa Center of the Arts, and supported by Conde Nast, Huffington Post, and Moet & Chandon. Shanghvi lives in Bombay and Goa, from where he contributes to TIME, ELLE, VOGUE and other publications.

Siddharth will moderate the Indian Consumer seminar.

 simone ahuja

DR. SIMONE AHUJA (AUTHOR OF JUGAAD INNOVATION AND FOUNDER OF BLOOD ORANGE) has served as an advisor to the Centre for India & Global Business at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, and as an associate fellow for the Asia Society in New York City. She provides advisory services and keynote presentations to trade delegations, academic institutions, and Fortune 100 companies including PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Honeywell, General Mills, ECOLAB, Colgate-Palmolive, and Best Buy. Ahuja regularly contributes to a Harvard Business Review blog on Blood Orange is a marketing and strategy consultancy with special expertise in emerging markets and innovation, and content production capabilities. Headquartered in Minneapolis, with teams in Mumbai, Blood Orange uses an agile, cost efficient content production process built on principles learned through extensive work in India, including jugaad.

Simone will participate in the Reimagining India 2030 seminar and Life Science and Innovation Roundtable.


SISSEL ENGBLOM (DIRECTOR OF URBANISM AT LINK ARKITEKTUR) is an architect and specialist in sustainable urban development. Her main focus is on understanding modern lifestyles as the key to creating sustainable solutions for attractive, healthy, safe and clean cities. Her extensive experience in Sweden and Norway includes leading all stages of project development; from conceptual international think-tanks and charrettes, analytical data processing, feasibility and design studies to detailing architecture. Sissel is a board member at Norwegian Research Council’s Transport board which incorporates a systemic perspective on the transport system viewed as a whole, and a board member of the newly established Smart City research program BYFORSK. She is a frequent lecturer, panel debater and author of chronicles, guest-critic at the Architectural School of Lund University and the Oslo School of Architecture. Sissel is supervisor for PhD candidates in the Norwegian Research Councils IdeaLab 2016 “Cities that work”, and recently appointed special advisor for the Norwegian Architectural Associations Urban centre for city and town development.

Sissel will be one of the judges during the Hackathon.


STEFAN PALSKOG (President, Scania India Pvt. Ltd.) joined Scania in 1981 after obtaining a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Since 1981 he has held a number of management positions in Scania’s industrial organisation including Managing Director of Scania Nederland BV, Managing Director at Dyna Mate AB and Vice President, Production and development Scania Latin America ahead of his position at Scania India Stefan served as Dealer Manager, Scania-Bilar Sverige. Parallel to his career at Scania Stefan has also acted as board member of Ijssel technologies BV and Svenska Mektek AB.

Stefan will participate in the Smart Cities and Skill India seminars.

 StenStenbeck_profile  STEN STENBECK (Programme manager, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden)

Sten will participate in the Energy Collaboration – Smart Grid Pilot Projects seminar.



SUMITA GHOSE (FOUNDER AND MANAGING DIRECTOR OF RAGSUTRA) runs a social enterprise which works for socio economic development in rural India by engaging both: the community and the market. Rangsutra is owned by over two thousand artisans- most of whom are rural women. Rangsutra provides design, marketing, technical and organizational support needed to make crafts and allied rural industries into viable enterprises, so that they provide regular home / village based employment to rural artisans. Sumita has a Masters Degree in Economics and in Conflict Resolution.  She has been the recipient of several awards, the latest of them, on March 8th, 2016, being the Nari Shakti Puraskar, awarded by the President of India “exceptional women in recognition of their achievement in promoting positive change and being examples among women.“

Sumita will participate in the Skill India and the Gender & Diversity seminar.


SUSHMA RAJAGOPALAN (CEO AND MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ITC INFOTECH) has over 30 years of global leadership experience in the Information Technology industry. She has led organizational transformations, headed strategy & corporate development and has been responsible for several large deal acquisitions through planned strategic investments. Sushma is passionate about entrepreneurship and building a viable eco-system to promote new thinking and an innovation culture. She has actively identified, groomed and mentored start-ups in the US and in India. With a transformational leadership style, Sushma leads from the front, and helps team members realize their true potential by translating strategies into actions. A truly approachable leader Sushma brings in tremendous clarity, passion and confidence.

Sushma will participate in the Digital IndiaReimagining India 2030 seminar and Digital India & Innovation roundtable.


TARUN TAHILIANI (FASHION DESIGNER) is a graduate of Wharton business school and he founded his design studio in 1990. His distinctive signature has since evolved as a fusion of   textile detail, refined luxury, and meticulous tailoring. The Tarun Tahiliani Design Studio creates couture, diffusion and prêt-a-porter which are Indian in their sensibility, yet international in their appeal. The rich heritage of the subcontinent is reinvented as contemporary high fashion through the genius of Indian craftsmanship and the finest textiles; along with Italian pattern cutting and construction and new technologies such as digital textile printing. His unique combination of historical opulence and contemporary chic also lend themselves to couture.

Tarun will participate in the Sustainable Textiles and the Indian Consumer Seminars.


VANDANA VERMA (PROGRAM DIRECTOR OF IKEA FOUNDATION) is the key liaison person between IKEA Foundation and the global IKEA business.  She is responsible for leading development programs that are aligned with IKEA Business’s sustainability concerns. Vandana manages social projects that are aimed at improving the lives of millions of children and women been in developing countries, with particular emphasis on Asia.  She is keenly involved in fostering new and innovative thinking in development initiatives. Over the years she has been managing some of the largest global partnerships of the Foundation. When Vandana Verma joined IKEA in 2001 as Project Leader, she was responsible for supporting IKEA Business teams in developing strategies for preventing child labour. In this process, she also set in motion the first social project on IKEA’s supply chain in South Asia. Women Entrepreneurship has been a passion with Vandana and an integral part of her career.  Prior to joining IKEA, she worked at International Labour Organization, the World Bank, GTZ and Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) on issues such as competitiveness of Indian SMEs, child labour and women’s entrepreneurship, in more than six Asian countries. An economist by training, Vandana is an Indian who is based out of IF India office, in Delhi.

Vandana will participate in the Skill India seminar.

Venkatesh VENKATESH RAJAGOPALAN is presently the Associate Vice President & Region Director at Larsen & Toubro Infotech. He has over 25 years’ experience in the ICT industry in various regions like Europe, India and Middle East and is currently responsible for Larsen & Toubro Infotech’s businesses in the DACH region. In his previous roles, he has held several management positions with companies like Siemens, IBM, Wipro and handled customers such as Airbus, Continental, Boehringer etc,. He was instrumental in setting up L&T Infotech operations in Germany in 1998. He has held various positions at Siemens Ltd in the automation space, commissioning and servicing Simatic and Sinumerik range of products out of India for 10 years handling a wide range of industries from discrete to process Industries. He holds a Bachelors in Engineering and a Master’s in Financial Management.

Venkatesh will participate in the Digital India seminar and the Digital India & Innovation roundtable.

VLADIMIR CVETKOVIC (PROFESSOR IN WATER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AT KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, STOCKHOLM) is leading the KTH initiative on urban systems science and engineering since 2012, is co-responsible for the KTH-NTU (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and KTH-UIUC (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) collaboration on urban systems and smart cities. VC is also a part of a broad initiative on Smart Sustainable Cities at KTH which involves industries and the city of Stockholm.

Vladimir will be one of the judges during the Hackathon.

YLVA BERG (CEO OF BUSINESS SWEDEN), with over 15 years of experience in senior management positions in publicly traded and global companies, Ylva Berg possesses great knowledge of the Swedish private sector and extensive experience in leading organizations. She has spent 18 years abroad, working for Swedish and international companies in both the manufacturing and services industries. Ylva Berg served most recently as the Managing Director of the Nordic region at Dassault Systèmes, an international software company operating in 40 countries. Before that she served as CEO at Technia Group, Senior Vice President Market Operations & Business Development at BE Group, Managing Director and Trade Commissioner at the Swedish Trade Council (Business Sweden today), and Sales Manager at Tetra Pak. Ylva Berg holds an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. She was born 1965.

Ylva will participate in the Reimagining India 2030 seminar.

YOGESH SINGH (PARTNER OF TRILEGAL AND A MEMBER OF THE FIRM’S CORPORATE AND M&A PRACTICE). Apart from having significant experience in M&A, joint ventures and private equity, Yogesh also regularly advises foreign and Indian clients on corporate and operational aspects of their Indian operations including real estate, anti-corruption strategies and employment issues. Yogesh specializes in defence, infrastructure, manufacturing, retail real estate, hospitality, energy and technology sectors and is specifically focused on transactions in regulated sectors like financial services, banking, telecom, media, cable, e-commerce & trading. Yogesh regularly advises investors and target companies. Yogesh regularly advises foreign and Indian clients on general corporate aspects of their Indian operations including FCPA compliance strategies and employment issues. Yogesh also conducts interactive sessions for a very select number of clients and contacts from the industry. Yogesh is widely recognised as a leading Corporate lawyer, some significant mentions include ranking in Chambers & Partners 2016 Guide and RSG India Report 2015. Client praise Yogesh and consider him to “precise, prompt, reliable” and “easily accessible.” – RSG India 2015. Yogesh is an alumnus of National Law Institute University, Bhopal. He is a member of the Bar Council of Delhi.

Yogesh will participate in the Defence & Security roundtable.