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PERNILLA CRISTVALL works as a marketing consultant and coach, assisting companies in marketing, coaching and project management. She is also a yoga teacher, instructor of mindfulness and Chief Editor for the yoga magazine “Yoga för dig “




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PIA LAHDENPERÄ has since 2005 taken a role of teaching yoga, meditation and stress relief programs as well as leading several projects for Art of Living in Europe and Worldwide. She's the National Coordinator of the International Foundation Art of Living in Sweden. Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian organisation engaged in stress-management which include breathing techniques, meditation and yoga as well as service initiatives. 




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EVA SCHINKLER Is a leadership consultant, coach and adviser, working with leadership and personal development, helping organisation as well as private people to develop their strength and potentials. She is educated in behavioral medicine, health psychology, public health as well as in management leadership and coaching and is a reg. nurse.  She is running her own consultant business Schinkler Management, with focus on value driven leadership and health promotive development. She is also an author and have published two books “Life strength in everyday life – with inspiration of Ayurveda” and "The Art of Eating - with inspiration of Ayurveda". As a broad and deep knowledge of Ayurveda she is one of the most famous in Sweden who works with Ayurveda. She is definitely alone about how to use this knowledge in organizations and in personal – and leadership development.

1700-1730 hrs - COCKTAIL MINGLE





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PETER LILLIEHÖÖK has a background as an actor/singer and historian. Peter has frequently figured on Swedish television and in other media, both as a host and as a guest. From 2005-2007 he was the host of the talk show Peters Salonger on TV8 and up until a year ago he was editor in chief for Connoisseur Magazine. Today he is the Head of Communication at Magnusson Law. Peter has strong roots to India since his father is from Punjab.



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INGEGERD RÅMAN is one of the prominent figures in Swedish design. Timelessness and simplicity are the key words in her work. Her artistry is not showy, yet right on the mark, and she makes objects that she herself likes. Her creations are utility items focusing on food, drink and the set table. She aims to streamline and focus her designs, yet retain a feeling of pleasure and beauty in the object; otherwise simplicity and streamlining become a pitfall. She has designed many timeless and personal products for Orrefors since 1999. INDISKA and Ingegerd Råman have created a collection in order to collect funds to the WaterAid foundation. Ingegerd has also designed a collection for INDISKA stores. 20 % of each sold item is donated to the WaterAid and their vital work for safe water, sanitation and hygiene in India.


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DHEERAJ AKOLKAR is a London based Indian filmmaker who recently directed the poignant and touching documentary Liv & Ingmar, about legendary Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann and Swedish writer-director and film titan Ingmar Bergman. After graduating with a Gold Medal in Architecture from Pune University, India, Dheeraj worked extensively in the Indian film industry on various films such as Lagaan, Devdas, Charas - A Joint Effort, Sala Bandar and Black. As a writer, director, cinematographer and producer, his own work includes the short films Jyotirgamaya - Lead Me To The Light, Whatever!, Sold my Soul and Asylum. He topped University of London in 2007 with distinction in MA in Feature Film and works between the UK, India and Scandinavia on a slate of five films under his London based production company Vardo Films.


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RAVI VENKATESAN is a Director on the Boards of Infosys and AB Volvo, and a Fellow of the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership, Boston. Between 2004 and 2011, Ravi was the Chairman of Microsoft India, which, under his leadership, became Microsoft's second largest and one of its fastest growing geographies. Ravi was voted the most influential MNC CEO for 2011 by the Economic Times daily. He is currently launching a book “Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere”. Ravi Venkatesan offers inside advice on how your firm can overcome the unique challenges of the Indian market. He argues that chaotic India is in fact an archetype for most emerging markets, many of which present similar challenges but not the same potential. Succeeding in India therefore becomes a litmus test for your ability to succeed in other emerging markets. If you can win in India, you can win everywhere.


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MALIN MENDEL WESTBERG is a Swedish journalist, photographer and writer. She has been working from India as a correspondent for Sweden national television SVT since 2005 and recently released her first book  about India ”Bombay Takeaway” - non-fiction stories about contemporary India, told within the frame of food - her biggest interest.





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GÖRAN WESTERBERG, CEO of Rusta AB, Swedish supermarket chain who was based in India from 1998-2007 with another major Swedish retail company. Rusta opened a sourcing office in India earlier this year and intends to steadily expand its footprint. Mr. Westerberg also lived and worked in India during the years 1998 to 2007.






Sugar n’ Spice is a Bollywood troupe from India that has enthralled audiences worldwide with their spell binding performances. Having specialized in Folk music events, Bollywood nights and star nights we bring to you a combination of all the above with fusion effects of international music.




Throughout the Mingle, there will be an Indian tea tasting corner, presentation of Indian cuisine and catalogue/video show of Indian travel destinations.


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