august, 2017

17aug08:50- 10:45Technology Impact on My Country, My City, My LifeAlmost half a billion Indians are now online – 1 billion on mobile devices. How can we use sustainable technology and innovation08:50 - 10:45 Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center

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Part 1– Technology Impact: On My Country

Future perspective on Security and ICT in the coming 30 years.
Smart ICT is a key driver for “Make in India”, “Digital India”. Mobile broadband –Main catalyst binding rural and urban India, widening the marketplace for businesses. Online retail emerging as one of the fastest growing industries, with a market potential of $35.08 billion by 2025, accounting for nearly 4% of total retail. Digital economy including simpler more technologically advanced digital payment systems, increased merchant acceptance, improvements in UPI, allowing monetary transfers between two bank accounts via a smartphone, as well as a reduction in cash-based transactions.AI-based innovation and establishing AI-ready infrastructure are necessary to prepare India’s jobs and skills markets for an AI-based future. AI is going to be a critical to India’s flagship Make in India, Skill India, and Digital India programs.

Smart Security about safety for citizen and national integrity.

Sweden is very active in Digital economy, AI innovation and in Smart Security. As a leading innovator in the ICT sector, Sweden has much to offer India—not just as a supplier but as a partner in co-developing technologies, processes and equipment. What conditions can facilitate such a partnership between India and Sweden and what results can we expect?


Part 2Technology Impact: On My city

It is about developing smart sustainable cities where 25 – 30 people migrate every minute to major Indian cities. This creates challenge to be sustainable and to manage the migration. One idea we have looked at in our Hackathon was smart villages and smart towns to lower migration to cities.
SmartTransport: To develop a balance for every citizen, the pedestrian, cyclist and motorist. At the same time develop better infrastructure roads, parking lot and greenery. To improve the public transport and decrese air, noise pollution. From Green sustainable transport to access for all. Promoting a variety of transport options – Electric, Hybrid, Transit Oriented Development (TOD), public transport and last mile para-transport connectivity; Smart Solutions in the transport sector-intelligent traffic management system and reducing average commute time .
SmartEnergy to increase the supply of renewable like solar, adequate water with smart waste management, solid waste management and create robust IT connectivity. It has to be “economically, ecologically and socially sustainable”


Part 3 Technology Impact: On My Life

Smart Communication: Almost half a billion Indians are now online – 1 billion on mobile devices. How can we use sustainable technology and innovation to harness smarter health, clothing, energy, transport, housing, communication, workingLife, food, security, cashless society and much more in India ?  This is a huge opportunity for India to harness the power of mobility and technology to empower the common man. Stockholm and Sweden can play a major role in co-creating ideas, apps, technology and services for the India market that can be used in the wider world. Jerry Jonsson from The Chairmans Office of Reliance Industries will give us a future perspective of Indian consumer behavior and the new Digital India.
SmartLiving is about incorporating technology into people’s day to day life with e-homes, services and products. It can be about how you can create smart living solutions from furniture to home appliances with good design that fulfills all functionality needed for basic living to more high end solutions like smart and safe homes.  Chief Design Officer from Godrej & Boyce will shed light on the future of Smart Living and Consumer behavior.




(Thursday) 08:50 - 10:45


Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center

Nils Ericsons Plan 4, Stockholm


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